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Association of Women Business Owners

- Greater Lafayette, Indiana -

Officer Spotlight

August 14, 2017 9:00 AM | Anonymous

Officer Spotlight
Amanda Snider
Metamorphic Fitness

Amanda Snider is on AWBOs board for communications this year. She is a NASM certified personal trainer and the owner of Metamorphic Fitness. She graduated from Purdue with a bachelors degree in Psychology and completed her masters degree in Health and Kinesiology specializing in Sport and Exercise Psychology. She started Metamorphic Fitness, an all-womens personal training studio, in 2009.

Metamorphic is an all-womens facility with female certified personal trainers. It is an inviting place where women need not feel self-conscious as they might at a large fitness facility. Our clients are women who want more accountability and do not want the typical gym environment. Metamorphic is about more than just working out though. I want every woman who comes in to be able to translate what she has learned into a lifestyle change where her whole family can benefit.

I focus on proper spinal alignment and engaging the core in order to move better and with less pain in daily life. We often dont realize just how good we can feel by doing simple daily exercises that help us to move better and feel better. My style of training is accessible in that I can teach my client a workout she can do anywhere.

I typically meet my clients when they have reached one of the lowest points in their lives. Sometimes my services are a last resort for these women after they have tried everything else without success. They are often unhappy, in pain, and ready for change. I love when I can help empower this woman to feel strong and confident through the physical and mental transformation of a healthy lifestyle. I can almost see her light up from the inside when she realizes that anything is possible.

If you would like to know more about Metamorphic Fitness, please visit metamorphicfitness.com or contact Amanda Snider at 765-543-1259.


Member Testimony
By Sarah Ruh, Co-Founder, Fireglow Creative

From the first AWBO meeting I attended, I immediately saw the value in being a member of this group. I do most of my work online from my home office, working with clients in other states by phone, email, and video conferencing. In many cases, I’m working with people I’ve never actually met face-to-face. It might be easy for me to retreat behind my computer screen and not engage with the local business community at all – but what a mistake that would be!

Even if you’re someone who sees your customers and staff members every day, business ownership can still be an isolating experience at times. The good news is, we don’t have to go it alone. AWBO provides an opportunity to make connections and form friendships with women who understand what it’s like to be the boss. There is a wealth of experience and knowledge within the membership, and I love how AWBO members encourage and support each other as we all grow and learn together.

Our guest speakers have provided valuable expertise in areas like law, finance, insurance, marketing, and more. Even when I think I’m already familiar with the topic, I have never left a meeting without learning something new. I usually also have a list of things I want to research further, and several business cards from new connections. I hope to see you at the next meeting!

Sarah Ruh
Co-founder, Fireglow Creative

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