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Association of Women Business Owners

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Holiday Auction 2016 Is Here!

December 05, 2016 7:23 AM | Anonymous

Next meeting is December 13, 2016

Holiday Auction 2016 Is Here!

December is a very special month for many reasons.  There’s time with families, gift giving, singing, school programs, parades and many other things.  However, for the Association of Women Business Owners, we take time out of our very busy schedules as business women, mothers, and grandmothers to give back to the community through a fundraiser for Cary Home and the young ladies who come and go throughout the year.  

Here is a letter from Karah Rawlings, Program Coordinator for Tippecanoe County Youth Services and girls presently residing there.   

     “The girls who live at Cary Home come from diverse and varied backgrounds.  We never know what to expect when a girls arrives, so we have to be prepared for many contingencies.  Some arrive with nothing but the clothes they are wearing, in need of all basic items including pajamas.  Some arrive without clothes that are weather appropriate or that meet their school’s dress code, so we have to supplement their wardrobes.  Others have basic needs met, but need items to help them boost their self-esteem or dress up for court or job interviews.  The donations we receive allow us to meet all of these needs and empower the girls to choose from new items that they can then call their own.
     Regardless of whether or not the girls need basic daily items, they all need a safe, comfortable place to live while they are with us.  When our current group of girls were asked what donated items have meant the most to them this past year, they unanimously said “the dryer!”  Earlier this year, the girls’ clothes dryer began malfunctioning, causing them to have to bring clothes into the main building to dry.  Thanks to the monetary donation from AWBO, we were able to replace the dryer with a new model.  The girls wanted to share their thanks for this:

‘Dear nice people who donated to CHG for a new dryer:

     We wanted to say thank you for the new dryer.  It has helped out tremendously, we don’t have to take laundry back and forth from building to building.  Our laundry gets done faster as well.  All we wanted to say is thank you! 

Sincerely,  The Cary Home for Girls Residents'’'

PLEASE set aside Tuesday, December 13, from 11:30 to 1:00,  to enjoy the silent auction and raffle Fundraiser at MCL Restaurant and Bakery in West Lafayette.  While you’re there, you might want to treat yourself to MCL’s delicious food, made fresh daily.

Consider donating an item for the auction and invite others to donate.

  • Give items for the raffle and buy tickets to put in the bag for a raffle item of your choice.
  • Bring a guest and receive 3 free raffle tickets. Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.
  • Come and enjoy bidding on silent auction items.
  • Bring an item from theCary Home Christmas wish list, found on AWBO Facebook and Cary Home orJessie’s Kids websites.
  • Give a cash donation.
Join Us:                  

AWBO meets at Noon on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the MCL Restaurant 

& Bakery in

West Lafayette. 

(Excluding June)

Visitors are always welcome. No registration is necessary and visitors may attend twice at no charge before becoming a member.

Arrive at 11:30 to enjoy lunch and networking time.

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Membership renewals for the 2016-2017 season are due October 1st.  You can renew online at www.AWBO.org or contact Linda Berryman or Isabel Hogue.


The AWBO Newsletter is published monthly. All submissions are in paragraph form via email by the 20th of the month to:kimberlyringler@gmail.com 

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